Company Calendar

Stay on top of your schedule

Keep teams and schedules in sync

The best projects start with effective teams, and helping your people stay in sync is key. With Google Calendar, employees can easily view co-workers' calendars to determine availability and schedule meetings.
  • Create team calendars for a select group, and share, company-wide
  • Overlay calendars to see availability
  • Send invites, manage RSVPs
  • Publish calendars externally for projects that are outside the company

Access schedules from anywhere

Today's teams are often on the road or remote, but still need to stay in the loop. Google Calendar syncs with mobile phones, and makes sure meeting information—like time and location—is always available. Get notifications via email, including reminders, new meetings or changes.
  • Works on mobile devices including Android™, iPhone® and BlackBerry®
  • Integrated with Gmail
  • Works with other popular calendar applications

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