Intranet Websites

Create sites as easily as writing a document

Keep information organized and in a central place

With Google Sites, you can store and organize what's important to your company—from project plans to vacation schedules, and training videos—and make sure it's always available from anywhere, including a mobile device. Manage sharing and site access across your business, and allow some or all employees to publish information.

Use templates to quickly create sites

Choose from dozens of pre-built templates, like a project wiki or a company intranet, that help you build a collaborative site, quickly.

Here are a few ways you can use Google Sites for your business:

Intranet: Build an internal website offering access to company information

Project site: Centralize project information; embed documents and videos

Team site: Post team rosters and meeting schedules, and track action items

Employee profiles: Build a company directory with profile pages for all employees

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